Welcome to Casa di Mir – Casa di Mir Montessori

Welcome to Casa di Mir

Thank you for your interest in Casa di Mir Montessori School, the South Bay’s only Montessori school for preschool through 8th grade.

The Montessori Method is one of the oldest and most widely implemented pedagogies in the world. And it’s no wonder. It’s known for instilling confidence, joy in learning, a strong sense of self, appreciation for others, and assurance within students that they have the socio-emotional and academic skills needed for life.

South Bay Montessori SchoolWhen you learn about our classes, you’ll see the method authentically implemented by Montessori certified teachers. You’ll notice that students from three consecutive grade levels attend the same class, with the oldest often acting as leaders for the youngest. You’ll see our students engaged in self-directed work with Montessori materials for up to three hours as teachers observe and act as guides according to each child’s needs. You’ll experience the culture of respect, peace, and warmth that is cultivated with intention daily. And you might even connect with our parents, who support the school as volunteers and round out the close-knit, caring community for which Casa is known.

At Casa, we understand that children’s development occurs within the context of relationships and where all community members feel known, needed, cared for, and have an authentic opportunity to shape their learning experience.

Casa utilizes all educational experiences that occur naturally within our environment. The class connections, the arts, athletics, service, and music all are important teaching and learning mediums. Deep learning occurs when children are given the opportunity to experience natural events and are challenged to not just absorb but to learn by doing. Joy and peace are central values as children progress through the development stages.

Casa graduates are well prepared and develop into successful citizens. We live in a global world, one that will pose complex economic and political, as well as environmental challenges to our students. The future lies with students who can quickly learn, relearn, and adapt, and with schools that harnesses high levels of intrinsic energy within students by creating space for risk, challenge, and adventure in the curriculum.

I encourage you to virtually visit our vibrant learning community and experience the Casa magic for yourself. A Casa educational experience is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Thank you for your interest in our school!

Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

South Bay Montessori School

Tyler Bourcier, Head of School