Community Update for April 2 – Casa di Mir Montessori

Community Update for April 2

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Dear Casa di Mir Families,

In grappling with enormous challenges, holding a balanced perspective on the whole of a situation is difficult, to say the least! The current pandemic is no different, and many of you may find yourselves desiring a stronger footing for this moment- especially as Santa Clara’s stepped into the Orange Tier. While this is representative of progress and increased health, such shifting requires frequent reframing and reassessment of how we feel about the changes involved – for ourselves and our families, as well as our school wide community!

After a recent long hike, my left foot was throbbing a bit, and a lightbulb appeared above my head. I’d broken that foot in recent years, and with the throbbing came memories of the physical therapy needed to rehabilitate one of my two favorite feet. Although the therapy was minimal, it took leaning into a difficult situation, pushing through some discomfort, and phase-by-phase learning to operate again, moving towards normalcy. While COVID wreaks suffering and havoc immeasurably more than broken bones, the idea of society entering into ‘physical therapy’ can help frame each step forward through this crisis. As we constantly decipher new guidelines and clarify how our families and school navigate shifting tiers, physical therapy is less of an abstraction. With safety in mind, we’re all very slowly leaning into a return to more normal times.

We all know how to visit stores, create playdates, and simply meet for coffee. Yet, in our community there is a spectrum of comfort, where we each have our own readiness to ‘put pressure on our ankle,’ so to speak. I wish to acknowledge the diversity of where each of us lives on this spectrum, and to highlight some movement that tightens our community bonds! After drop-offs, some parents whose children are within a singular Pod have met for coffee off-site. Other groups of within-the-Podparents have created playdates at parks for afterschool connecting and even hosted creek clean-up events! While each of us arrives at our readiness uniquely, I am particularly grateful for those of you helping to move forward with ‘new muscles,’ safely and respectfully. The energy and support of our parent groups shine light on the strong, connected Casa community we all love.

At this time, the administration is still regularly checking in with our ‘physical therapists’ as we make plans towards possible on-site promotion ceremonies in June. Additionally, we’re beginning to find clarity around the possibilities for extended care in 2021-2022. We know things will continue to look different for a while still, yet our collective efforts and muscle memory are helping us remember what we value and how to walk in that direction.

Thank you in advance for mitigating risks and keeping safe next week, all of which helps the community we’re all a part of. On behalf of all staff at Casa, have a fabulous, safe, and well-deserved Spring Break!

Take care,

Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

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