Community Update for February 12 – Casa di Mir Montessori

Community Update for February 12

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

Slightly over a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic turned school life upside down. We know our community has felt added stress and anxiety over this past year. I am thrilled about our school’s response to these challenging times, but I wonder if some of you desire more communication from the school regarding COVID. While it seems that we, as a staff, eat, breathe, and even dream COVID protocols (this is true!), I realize that our parents may not always see everything that goes into keeping our community safe and healthy.

As you know, we are continuously monitoring county, state, and federal public health communications and attending school-based informational webinars. We are in touch with our contacts at the Santa Clara County Public Health Department at least weekly. Enforcing our Community Care Agreement is an ongoing endeavor, especially with navigating questions about what constitutes the need to quarantine. As a school that opened our physical doors early this year, while many schools were not as fortunate, we are proud of our community’s long-standing commitment to maintaining our agreements.

We would like to share with you some of our successes in safety. For example, there have been only 3 instances where members of the community tested positive for COVID who were, around that time, on campus, and all were prior to mid-October! Please know this is absolutely, in part, thanks to your efforts to keep our teachers and students safe. Occasionally, we’ve heard questions about our notifications of exposure. In the cases previously stated, the entire community was notified, public health was contacted, and Pods were quarantined. There have also been situations where a member of the community was in “close contact” with a person with COVID, the individual’s Pod was notified, and the individual was required to quarantine for 14 days and be tested for COVID at the 6-7-day mark. There have only been a few such “close contacts” in the community, and this protocol was implemented immediately. Additionally, in a few instances, there have been exposures over breaks or situations where there was no risk to the school community, thus there was no need for notification, and quarantining was implemented. In some ways, we share more than required by Public Health, as we understand the need for extra transparency when appropriate.

In this moment of thinking ahead for next year, while simultaneously navigating the current weekly needs, I invite you to share any questions you may have about next year, this moment, or COVID information in general. Please share them with Rose, she will be compiling them for a school-wide outreach. I look forward to answering them together with one voice for our school, to give as much clarity as we can. Thank you in advance for reaching out!

Take Care,

Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

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