Community Update for January 22 – Casa di Mir Montessori

Community Update for January 22

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

Over our years of working with children, we have each witnessed an interesting pattern that appears during the winter period, particularly during January and February. There can often be a predictable slump in energy during this time, almost like a biological drive to pull inwards and hibernate! Perhaps it’s the packed schedules during December, or maybe the weather, but regardless of the cause, the trend is a desire to lighten loads, re-energize, and even reignite enthusiasm in our lives! Different ages present this trend uniquely, and for myself, as the hours of light increase again, I find a renewal in my own energy which transfers into the work we do as teachers and staff. I’m honestly not positive if most adults regularly experience this similarly, but it surely exists in schools! While this is a normal pattern, a full-year of pandemic living absolutely adds weight and compounds this challenge during the season.

I’m acknowledging this now, as it’s an important time to be resolute and determined in how we work safely and successfully together. My guess is that you’re all ready to see relatives, travel, and simply shuck off the protocols and regulations that we’ve held for much longer than you may have anticipated. During an already lower-energy season for many, we’re slammed with the frustration, anger, tension, and possible depression of COVID times. While it manifests differently for everyone, I acknowledge this difficulty across the board.

Given these challenging months ahead, I wish to stress the critical nature of keeping to our safety agreements as a school community. In the past months, we’ve noticed more travel than may be essential in our community. While in our current stay at home order, leisure travel is to be avoided. With California, including our region, experiencing a peak number of illnesses and stretched resources, much of our safety and success depends on the choices your family makes to maintain our community and its health. On the one hand, non-essential travel (such as snowboarding- and I do love snowboarding) increases the risks to our teachers and students. On the other hand, the possible result of quarantining after travel also has huge impacts on the teachers and their ability to serve their Pod. Travel and experiences that stress and test the boundaries of our Community Care Agreements create further tension, and I think we can all agree that less anxiety and stress is beneficial! Recently, the state and county updated protocols and added more to pre-existing systems and structures to deal with COVID and schools. While much of the change will be internal (ex. New reporting practices, changed definitions, etc.), we will update you next week with any changes relevant to Casa di Mir. If you want to read ahead, here is one link to get you started:

As we move through the weeks ahead, please truly take the time to revitalize, adjust to your needs, and revisit commitments to what is valuable to you. For our students, they may benefit from refreshing their schedules, incorporating new daily activities, and thinking a bit outside of the box once in a while. This is a time to find new ways to treat yourselves! For myself, I deeply value this community, and I trust we’re all in this together. I have felt such kindness from our families and staff, more than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. One path I choose to take these days is doing random daily acts of kindness to someone, and importantly – they don’t know it comes from me. Every day that I commit to such an act of kindness, it seems to blossom in unforeseen ways; I encourage you to try it! In doing so, you’ll be given the reminder that we’re all supporting one another, even if we don’t always see it directly.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being such a compassionate community, holding each of us together, and staying committed to the health and well-being of all. I only wish you each could see the same number of joyful and energetic children as we do, as that is what truly lifts us up!

Take care,

Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

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