Community Update for May 3 – Casa di Mir Montessori

Community Update for May 3

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

As spring winds its way towards summer, we have a clearer vision for what school will look like in August! While there are still some unknowns, our hope is that we are nearing the last step towards returning to the operational systems we’ve come to trust in years past. With this Community Update, our hope is to provide general information around the protocols, capacities, and offerings we are able to put into place, come next fall.

The full-return to on-site education next year will look similar to the present, with respect to protocols – with some ideal shifts behind the scenes. Certain protocols and key strategies will remain for either safety or to comply with state mandates:

  • Classrooms will maintain individual work stations for each child. They can utilize their cubbies, and share materials, as typical in a Montessori classroom.
  • All staff and students will continue to wear masks, classrooms will remain stable (they won’t mix during our school day programming), and physical distancing will be sustained at 3 ft.
  • Specialists, mentors, and administrators will be able to visit classrooms, and we’ll once again be utilizing available rooms for specialty work, such as Spanish, etc.
  • We’ll continue to clean frequently touched surfaces, schedule deeper cleaning of shared materials, and maximize our use of outside spaces. The frequency of sanitizing and cleaning is no longer needed to be maintained with the same intensity.

As a result, we’re able to get close to returning to our programming and staffing models of pre-COVID! Our classrooms will consist of more students in the fall, as we inch closer to our previous capacity.

  • Our faculty will once again be able to co-teach, with two teachers per class! This model has countless advantages for both students and teachers, including added support, collaboration, and the spontaneity we strive for as we “follow the child.”
  • Classrooms will include P1, P2, Kinder, LE1, LE2, UE1, UE2, and MS. The Lower and Upper Elementary will return to full-time on-site learning.
  • We will still be in an “interim capacity phase.”
  • This is likely the final step before unfolding back to our normal sizes. These students do miss having more friends in the classroom!
  • Extended Care will be offered, but with limitations on capacity. At the moment, we’ll be limited to 14 per LE and 14 per UE, but we anticipate that to change.

Finally, Casa is thrilled to host an on-site celebration with our students for our Promotion Ceremonies! Many logistics are being worked out still, but here are a few updates:

  • All the events will be held outside on June 11th.
  • Protocols and distancing will still be in place.
  • Kinders will be having their own special Promotion at Lower Campus in the play area.
  • The events for the older age groups will be at the Upper Campus fields, in two ceremonies.

As an organization of teachers, staff, students, and parents, we’re all forming our individual comforts and readiness together. I would like to offer that these Promotion Ceremonies are particularly special for the school this year, as it marks the first attempt to collect our larger groups safely to celebrate the students as a community, which we all hold dear. There are limitations and regulations to put in place with each event, but please put it on your calendars!

Take care,
Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
asa di Mir Montessori

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