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Continuation of Learning Plans Implementation

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

Our faculty have taken Monday and Tuesday to collect our thoughts and materials in order to implement our Continuation of Learning plans. The information for each program level will be sent out to the appropriate families following this communication, and will contain specifics about these plans for each level. This information is to give you clarity on how we, as Casa di Mir Montessori, will continue to support learning at home, maintain a schedule, and sustain clear and accurate communication about our school and community status. As this is unchartered territory, please be aware that the moment requires flexibility and consistent reassessment.

Keeping that in mind, this is how our school community will operate during our shift into our Continuation of Learning plans:

Office and Administrator Support:

We are no longer holding static office hours, but we’re happy to support. Our staff are continuing to work, so please email the appropriate administrator directly, and we’ll respond promptly. Email is ideal, as leaving a message on our phone-systems may delay a response.

Health and Safety:

Any person entering the school, including staff, is required to enter from the front door, and will be asked to sign in at the Front Office. This is to ensure we’re doing our part to monitor our risk factors. You are welcome to let us know of your need, stop by and pick-up items. School closures can be effective in ‘flattening the curve’ which allows our community to more successfully manage the illness and its spread. However, closures are most effective if we all choose to adhere to social distancing guidelines as best we can. To this end, we hope our families immediately limit their personal interactions and social gatherings, as defined by our government and scientific officials. If you are a) experiencing flu-like symptoms, or b) you have a household family member who has tested positive for COVID-19, we expect that you will communicate directly with This again is to help monitor our risk factors.  Many of you have already been doing this, including your travel information. Thank you for helping us stay aware and on top of this! Fortunately, we have still not had any reported cases of students or family members testing positive at this time.

Schoolwide Communications:

On Mondays, we will be sending out our weekly communication with updates on the health and safety of our community. This is simply continuing our Weekly Announcement routine!

In addition to these status updates, we look forward to also sharing the many positive stories and acts that have already taken place in our community. As mentioned, this is a time to act thoughtfully and responsibly. In hearing from many of you and watching what is being offered and done on social media

platforms, such as our Parent-2-Parent Facebook page, I’m struck with gratitude. Please send any and all ideas regarding what our school community can do to support within and outside our family population to

Continuation of Learning Plans:

This letter is coming to you as a part of a series, and what follows in your email will give you guidance for your child to continue learning at home. As a Montessori school, we have put creative thought into solving the challenge of supporting both parents and students, in a way that aligns with our mission, and also is sustainable during a dynamic time. Within this packet, you will find various methods and expectations for our plans. Most of our approaches rely on your home having access to the internet and a device. If you need support finding such technology, please reach out to directly.

With regard to technology, we realize this will be something of a challenge to work through at this time. Shortly, you will be receiving schedules, ideas, and meeting times that we hope you can support your child to follow, and I want you to know this…

Give your family and this system time to settle in. Do what you can, and build on each step. It could be that both parents are at home, both are needing devices to work, and now your two children are being asked to use devices at the same time to attend different meetings! As teachers, we will be happy to work with each of you where you are, and with what you’re able to manage.

While each program level will look fairly different, based on the developmental needs of children, you can expect each level’s work to include-

  1. Suggested scheduling
  2. Communication plans between students and teachers
  3. One-on-one interactions between child and teacher
  4. Systems of accountability
  5. Peer group opportunities
  6. Opportunities for lessons
  7. Additional resources for further studies
  8. Weekly Classroom Newsletters sent out on Fri.

Please feel free to reach out and ask questions. I continue to hold gratitude for our strong community, and how we’re pulling together to make this period as successful as possible.

Take care, Tyler Bourcier Head of School

Casa di Mir Montessori

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