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First Week Under Continuation of Learning Plans

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

Welcome to the first full week of operating under our Continuation of Learning plans. Let me shout from the rooftops to all of you parents, “We see you working hard to make this successful! We hear your challenges with space, devices, and time at home! We hear your need for a vacation!”

Learning happens everywhere, so when you feel stressed about this moment, I would encourage you to relook at your laundry, for example. As one of our parents said, “You could fold together with your child, and choose the best sock for a sock puppet play!” One of our biggest hopes is that you help to engage their curiosity, celebrate learning, and help them to create calm during this time.

While this week will include a lot of troubleshooting as we bring everyone on board with our classroom plans, please keep a few general things in mind.

  1. Catch moments where success is found or joy is experienced! Record them for reflection and laughter at a later time with your children.
  2. Give yourself plenty of patience in navigating logistics this week.
  3. Communicate (you or your children) frequently with teachers, and ask questions.
  4. Be kind to yourselves. This moment requires flexibility, constant adaptation, and patience. Like Elsa is known to say, it’s ok to, “Let it go!”

Our community continues to show our colors during this emergency, and it brings me such joy! I have seen people offer tech help, watched many classes be offered to everyone, and caught glimpses of the great projects that students are doing at home! Keep those stories and pictures coming, and please send them to your child’s teachers directly. As you envision building on our community connection during this virtual period, please send your ideas my way. My sincerest gratitude goes to each of you!

An update on our Continuation of Learning plans:


We’ll be sending out Weekly Announcements, as usual. Every Monday, these will be sent out, and they will contain general school information. If you’re not receiving this on Mondays, please reach out ASAP to to let her know. We are not holding public office hours at our campuses, but please know that our administration is operating fully, just more remotely. We’re doing our part to stay distant and flatten the curve.

Additionally, every Friday, we’ll be sending out Weekly Friday Updates to each classroom’s families. These Updates will contain information about the past week, and specific needs and schedules for the upcoming week. The format of which we’re sharing our schedules/links via these updates may change in upcoming weeks, and many of you have offered ideas on how to do this differently. Your feedback continues to be helpful as we navigate this together.


With so many people moving to on-line platforms right now, we’re in good company while we work through logistical challenges! Here are several tips to make your remote-lesson experience more successful using Zoom.

  • Multi-page galleries- there may be times where a child can’t be heard, due to a larger group. Consider helping them to type a question into the chat box.
  • Light source- the ideal is for a light source to be in front of a child, behind the computer’s camera, so that there isn’t a glare. Try to keep bright lights away from behind the child when using Zoom.
  • Volume- it may help each child to understand how to read the volume meter of their personal mic. That way they can be aware of their own voice level.

Also, Zoom has a lot of functions that we’re not utilizing right now. While we’ve considered the option to record lessons, so we can offer them to families who weren’t able to attend, there are challenges with this. Please know that until otherwise shared, we are not recording lessons, and that we’re expecting that you don’t either. Thank you for understanding and following this directive.

Please feel free to reach out and ask questions. We are in this together, and we are here for you.

Take care, Tyler Bourcier Head of School

Casa di Mir Montessori

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