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Happy Spring Break!

Dear Casa Families,

While our students and teaching faculty take a much deserved Spring Break, I’d like to pause to thank you all for your perseverance. Assuming that many people had plans, be they travel or rest, interfacing with a break can bring the realization of how this moment really feels.

Our lives and normalcy have been disrupted to an extent, and you have likely begun the routine of limiting, interrupting, or letting go of non-essential expectations. What could have been a trip to a long sought after destination, may now look like baking drop cookies with a couple improvised ingredients! While adapting brings challenges, this is something that our species particularly excels at! In hearing how your families have sought to make the most out of this time, I’ve found inspiration and guidance in your actions and communications.

I’m grateful to be on this journey with you, and want you to each understand how valuable your efforts at home are. You’ve brought calm, creativity, and engagement to your children, and in sharing your experience with us, you’ve gifted everyone a lens on this success. These connections across classrooms, parents, students and teachers are what makes this work, and to see so many pictures of smiling children and parents is undeniably supportive to all.

For this upcoming week, I hope that all of the adults in our community find a way to play, give yourself some downtime, and connect in a precious way to your family. Our best to you all!

Take care, Tyler Bourcier Head of School

Casa di Mir Montessori

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