Happy Belated Summer Solstice! – Casa di Mir Montessori

Happy Belated Summer Solstice!

Community Update

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

Happy summer to all of you! Gratefully, the world is still spinning on its axis, and the sun rises and sets. Thank goodness for the seasons that bring us reminders of how there are bigger systems than our individual personal worlds, networks, and news cycles. Even with all of this beautiful weather, many of you are working long days, fitting for this Summer Solstice time, and here at Casa di Mir Montessori, we’re doing the same.

My intention in this week’s communication is to shine some of this light on the degree to which effort and resources are needed to manage a return to school in August. As shared, we’re thrilled to have this work in front of us. I’m hearing clearly the gratitude for the information and updates we can provide our parents and students. Thus, I’d like to elaborate some on the efforts being put forth to create safe spaces and strong programming at this time.

To adapt to the needs of physical distancing and smaller pods (cohorts), as well as more complex hygiene practices, we’ve needed to modify our physical spaces. This has meant creating brand new classrooms, distinct areas for sanitizing materials, as well as several facility upgrades. While complicated, we’re fortunate to be able to invest in this period to meet the need. With the help of an amazing administrative team, our school has moved to build the infrastructure and gather the supplies needed to address the needs for such modifications. Budgeting for the costs of multiple modifications is major, and I think it is important for you to understand the depth we’ve dug to make this happen. At this time, we expect the cost to be about $75,000 to attend to just these elements to keep our community safe, while providing the education we strive to offer. These expenditures include: healthy stocks of masks, gloves, face shields, aprons (PPE), ample cleaning supplies, hand washing stations, additional sinks installed at both Upper and Lower Campuses, plexiglass barriers, room dividers, additional desks and tables, UV light boxes, as well as UV scrubbers for our air conditioning units.

It takes tremendous resources to make our programming happen. Of course, without our families and their support, it wouldn’t be possible! We are over the moon to offer full-time programming for August, even though it may look different than “normal.” There may be levels that require modified scheduling (partial week on-site, partial week distance learning), and all of these program models require full-time faculty to operate and guide compassionately and successfully. As a private, independent school we rely on tuition revenue to fund such strong programs- especially during times of crisis.

Thank you for sharing your commitments, ideas, and questions with us over the past few weeks. We will continue communicating weekly with updates, and you’re welcome to join us each Wednesday for a Community Check-in (5:00 for Pri. and 5:45 for Elem./MS). Each week, we’ll send out an invite for the event.

Take time for yourselves, and have fun and meaningful experiences with your children. Let that be what they remember of this summer!

Take care,

Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

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