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Participation Agreement and Student Support Agreement

Parent participation is important to the success of our school in creating an engaged, responsive, and connected family-school learning environment for students; it is also the foremost determinant of educational success.

I/We understand that all parents are expected to participate fully in the School and their child(ren)’s educational experience here at Casa di Mir to create the desired educational environment for students.  I/We further understand that our failure to meet these participation expectations may indicate that Casa di Mir is not an appropriate placement for our family.  We understand that the following are the parent participation expectations for the 2018-2019 school year and agree to fulfill them.

Participation Hours:  A minimum of 40 participation hours per family is expected.  A Google survey with participation options will be sent home prior to the start of the school year.  We will work with you to find a role that suits your interests and schedule.

Parents are responsible for participation commitments.  If a parent is unable to keep a commitment, especially in regard to field trip driving and classroom or lunch support, the parents must attempt to find a replacement acceptable to the School and must notify the School as soon as possible of the need for a replacement.

School Clean-up Days:  Participation is required at one clean-up day per school year.  Hours worked at clean-up days may be counted toward total participation hours.

Record Keeping:  Parents should record their participation hours by date, length of participation, and a description of their participation.  A form for recording participation hours is available at the office.  A record of the participation hours must be turned into the office no later than May 18th.

Parent Meetings:  Attendance is required by at least one parent.

Traffic Policies:  Parents must comply with traffic and parking policies as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Fundraising: Parents are asked to make a financial gift to the “Imagine the Ripple Effect” Annual Fund.

Student Support

Information Awareness:  Parents should make sure to read all communication from school.   Parents are asked to review the student-parent handbook with their child to become familiar with school policy and procedure.

Assignments:  Parents are requested to support their student in homework policies, assignments and meeting deadlines.

Time Commitments:  Parents should regularly bring their student to school on time, and pick their student up on time.  Parents must keep time commitments for conference appointments.

Behavior Policies:  We ask that parents support their students in adhering to the classroom “Code of Living” and behavior guidelines as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Availability of Parents: A parent or parent designee must be available to pick their student up from school within 30 minutes if requested for any reason including illness, emergency dismissals, or serious behavioral issues.


As a condition of enrollment to Casa di Mir Montessori Elementary School for the 2018-2019 school year, I agree to abide by the above participation and student support policies.

Signatures of Both Parents or Guardians is required.
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