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The Importance of Sewing Skills as Practical Life for Ages 3 to 6

Sewing is a part of the Practical Life work available to Casa di Mir students in the Primary program.

Students begin with lacing cards and move on to sewing embroidery thread on plastic forms using a plastic needle and then learn to sew on loose weave fabrics such as burlap.

In addition to being wonderful work to develop their small motor skills, sewing allows their creativity to shine. The children decide what shape to sew on the burlap, choose the color of thread to use and often accent the design by sewing beads or sequins onto the design.

Last year, the kindergartners finished the year with a group sewing project: making a quilt! They each sewed a four-piece square. This included one piece from each student that he or she personalized with fingerprint art. The final  pieces were put together by a room mom to form a keepsake quilt for the classroom.

In addition to learning how to do the stitching for their four-piece square, the children were taught how a quilt is put together and what the different parts of the quilt are called.

The children had so much fun doing this project that we decided to do it again this year. Once more, with the help of a parent in the classroom, the kinders in both Primary classrooms sewed a quilt for their classrooms. The pictures in this article show you the quilt from our P2 classroom.

For more information on last year’s quilting project, read this wonderful article written by Casa di Mir room mother, blogger and quilter, Sarah Goer.

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