Jan 6 Parent & Child Preschool Open House

Experience the Montessori difference at Casa di Mir Montessori School’s Parent and Child Preschool Open House on January 6, 2018 from 10:30 am to noon at our campus on 90 E. Latimer Avenue in Campbell. Visit our authentic Montessori classroom… Read More

How Montessori Helps Children Realize Their Full Potential

By Wanda Whitehead The notion that the child is an empty vessel to be filled and to fit in a specific place is still behind the structure of conventional schools. The basic premise of this model disregards the… Read More

So Much Fun It’s Scary: The MS Spookfest and BOO-tique!

It would be ever so frightful if you were to miss Casa di Mir’s first annual Spookfest and BOO-tique. Created by our very own middle school, the students there have been hard at work crafting Halloween-themed games and… Read More

The Value of Mindfulness Practices in the Classroom

By Wanda Whitehead A strong connection with our inner self is absolutely essential to a peaceful life. It is a positive support to us when we are faced with all of life’s challenges. Maria Montessori, founder of the… Read More

Join us for Parent & Child Preschool Open House Nov. 11

Experience an authentic Montessori classroom with your preK thru K child at Casa di Mir’s Parent and Child Preschool Open House on Saturday, November 11 from 10:30 am to noon at our Latimer campus. Full-week and part-week openings… Read More

Casa di Mir Fall After-School Math Enrichment

Casa di Mir’s after-school Fun Math Club begins Wednesday, September 13! See the flyer below for full details or download this pdf.    

Article: Parenting for Independence

By Wanda Whitehead, Head of School Parenting can be considered the hardest job on the planet. How do we do it so that our children can become the successful, independent, responsible adults we so want them to become?… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #10

Noticing and Wondering As summer winds down and families turn to the start of school and fall activities, our last summer mathematics adventure is neither a destination, nor an activity, but rather a journey to a mindset of… Read More

Casa di Mir Middle School Students Gain Global Perspective at MMUN

Casa di Mir Montessori middle school students developed their voices as global citizens during their trip to the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) 11th Annual Middle School Conference in New York City early this year. They stepped into… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #9

Fibonacci Nature Walk Summer provides many opportunities to reconnect with nature. Did you know that, even on a nature walk, there is mathematics all around you? Grab your camera and put on your counting hat for a safari… Read More

Alumni Pens Article That Sheds Light on Marine Pollution

Casa alumni are an amazing group who are passionate about improving the world. Here’s just one example: a recent alumni wrote an excellent “XYZA Kids News” article on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch called “Cleaning Up a Sea… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #8

The Magic and Mathematics of Bubbles No summer is complete without at least one afternoon spent on the magic of bubbles. The small, classic spherical bubbles that are made using a plastic wand and a bottle of bubble… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #7

Orienteering Have you ever gone orienteering? Orienteering is a recreational, outdoor adventure that involves finding a set of points in a landscape using an accurate, detailed map and a compass. It can be approached as a fun walk… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #6

Let’s Go Fly a Kite! Have you ever made a kite before? There are many different models of kite,s and even small children can make some of the easier models with help from a parent. An excellent resource… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #5

A Day at the Beach              Has your family been to the beach yet this summer? Many elements of the beach experience are surprisingly mathematical. Sea Level. The beach is a place where your kids can get first-hand experience walking… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #4

Star Party Have you ever looked at the stars and planets through a telescope? You can do just that at a local star party, sponsored by the San Jose Astronomical Association, and guess what? Stargazing is actually quite… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #3

Symmetry Salad “Mommy, I’m eating symmetry salad – and it’s DEEE-licious!” Truthfully, I’m not sure my kid really cared all that much about the symmetry part – she was starving and that’s what I was making at the time. What,… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #2

Summertime Lemonade Opportunities for counting, measuring and calculating abound in the kitchen. In my family, lemonade is a regular summertime treat when we have friends and family over. Our favorite recipe is designed to make 1 gallon of… Read More

Casa di Mir Summer Mathematics: Adventure #1

Welcome to Casa di Mir Montessori School’s Summer Mathematics Adventures created by our very own middle school math teacher, Miss Trisha, who says summer is a great time to focus on real-world uses of mathematics. “At its core,… Read More

Student Fundraiser Makes Headlines in Campbell Express

The student fundraiser for Humane Society of Silicon Valley was featured in the May 24 issue of the Campbell Express weekly newspaper (p. 2).  Check it out:   To see a related blog article, click here.

Casa Mom’s Blog Post Makes Local News!

Read all about it: Theresa Cooper’s article, which was first posted on this blog, has now made its way into print. Campbell Express printed Theresa’s story as a full-page article in the May 31 edition, page 7. If you’re… Read More

Reconnecting: One Mother’s Tale of Limiting Family Screen Time

Have you ever found yourself reading a VERY important online article about being a better parent, at a time that you could be helping your kids with homework or making dinner? Sadly, I caught myself doing this often… Read More

2017 Jog-a-thon Raises $9,000 for Humane Society of Silicon Valley

Casa di Mir students held the annual Jog-a-thon charity fundraiser on May 3 with great success. This year–with the help of Casa’s Girl Scout troop, which helped identify the charity–they chose to raise funds for the Human Society of… Read More

Nurturing Our Growth, Strengthening Our Roots: The 2016-21 Strategic Plan

Over the last five years, Casa di Mir has seen a tremendous amount of growth and change. We have expanded our program to include middle school, and graduated our first class of 8th graders. We’ve opened new classrooms,… Read More

Community Service: Casa di Mir 6th Years Making a Difference through Action

With topics including autism, social media, poverty in Silicon Valley, and more, Casa di Mir 6th year students completed their year-long service learning project (SLP) at Speaker’s Night on the evening of April 28, when each gave a… Read More

Casa di Mir Founding Philosophies

Established nearly three decades ago, these essential concepts continue to beautifully serve Casa di Mir students, the school and our community. Casa’s Founding Philosophies: Education flourishes when children love to learn and feel connected to their community. A… Read More

Alumni Update: Ashley Lam

Casa di Mir regularly reaches out to alumni to see where they are on their journey. Ashley Lam was once a Casa di Mir first grader with a love of art. She is now a UC Davis student… Read More

The Importance of Sewing Skills as Practical Life for Ages 3 to 6

Sewing is a part of the Practical Life work available to Casa di Mir students in the Primary program. Students begin with lacing cards and move on to sewing embroidery thread on plastic forms using a plastic needle… Read More

Reflecting on Education and Society

I joined Casa di Mir’s board of directors in April of 2007 as Secretary, eager to serve a school that was working so well for my children. I had previously served on a non-profit board. I became Board… Read More

Ilana Dover: Montessori Leader, Teacher and Friend

As some of you may know, Ilana Dover, one of Montessori’s best, came to the end of her battle with cancer on March 7. Ilana dedicated herself to Montessori education for 35 years. The past 7 years, she was Owner,… Read More

Casa di Mir is in the News! Check out this article by Bay NVC

Casa di Mir has been featured in the Bay NVC article, NVC Schools: Is this a thing or a movement? by Sura Hart and Jared Finkelstein. Be sure to check it out. Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is a key… Read More

The Challenges and Gifts of Adolescence, March 1 Parenting Workshop

FREE Workshop! The Challenges and Gifts of Adolescence: a Positive Discipline Workshop for Parents of All Ages The early adolescent years, ages 9-14, can be challenging for both parents and young people. Rather than thinking of the process… Read More

Where is the Science? Everywhere!

In today’s educational climate the focus on math and science is heightened. When we think of science and math, stereotypical visions of lab coats, test tubes, and formulae often come to mind. More important than these stereotypes are… Read More

NVC Monthly Parent Group Starts Jan. 5

Casa di Mir will host a monthly parent group starting Thursday, January 5 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM in the Latimer multipurpose room. The group will focus on the use of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in parenting. NVC is… Read More

Middle School Holiday Cafe

  Come to the Middle School Holiday Cafe and help the Middle Schoolers raise funds to attend Montessori Model United Nations in New York City. When: Thu., Dec 15. Morning 10:00 AM -12:30 PM; Afternoon 2:30-4:30 PM Where:… Read More

Media Rules: Healthy Connections in the Digital Age

By Wanda Whitehead I recently attended a talk by Catherine Steiner-Adair hosted by Challenge Successes on the Stanford campus. Catherine is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist who has been researching the impact of technology on children, families and society. Her… Read More

Casa di Mir Parent to Parent Group on Facebook

The parents of Casa di Mir Montessori school are a warm, caring bunch who are fun to rub elbows with. They also live in multiple zip codes, and need a place to connect and converse with one another… Read More

9 Everyday Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Child

During orientation meetings for parents in August, I receive many thoughtful questions. Two of the many questions are the sparks for this article: “How do we bring out the best in a child?” and “How can we encourage… Read More

“I Am From” Collaborative Poem

by Casa di Mir Montessori School Middle School Students for Grandfriends Day Nov. 22, 2016 I am from Lavender and Redwood From the immigration to America, the start of this family, and the courage that runs through this… Read More

Nonviolent Communication Workshop Changes Lives at Casa

Nonviolent Communication has been called a language of the heart, a transformational process, and an amazing tool for improving relationships. People who practice Non-Violent Communication (NVC) have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepening connection and conflict… Read More