Casa di Mir Montessori Development into The Present and Future

Upon my arrival at Casa di Mir Montessori, I was given a clear objective of my responsibility to the future development. I was to continue to aid and guide this institution into the forefront matching the growth of our region, promote the value of Montessori education, Casa curriculum, and our close community that has allowed Casa di Mir Montessori to develop and prosper for close to 30 years.

I understood that the latter would be the simplest task, to arrive in an institution such as Casa with so much tradition, modernize our marketing and outreach efforts, while continuing to repeat the production of what has made us so special to families and the community for decades. The answer was far less complex than anyone would think, the answer lives inside the walls of the school, inside the students, inside the teachers, inside the administration, and inside the awesome alumni that have moved on to successful adult lives.

I have sat with parents who have children at Casa and asked what is important to them, what matters most, and why each family decided that Casa was their choice? The common denominator that I found was value and our close knit family atmosphere. Casa is the only school that I have ever visited where the former Head of School was the same person that was watering the garden outside each day, or how the current head of school Dr. Jeff Beedy greets families each morning as they drop their children off in the parking lot with a smile, even as he has meetings scheduled for the entire day.

It is our curriculum that is important, the structure of our classes that is important, our values that are important, but most important are the people because without them we are just empty classrooms. We will continue our dedication to Montessori education, evolve with the necessary technology and materials, and continue to teach our student’s world cultures, language, and peace. It takes an entire village to raise a child. J

-Thomas J. Williams

Director of Development, and Marketing