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Casa Middle School Creative Expression Pencil Drawings

The Casa Middle School curriculum includes creative expression, a subject in which Middle School students have been practicing pencil drawings. Middle School students have created a number of drawings, including studies and portfolios.

One of the portfolios was a Still Life drawing. The Still Life drawing consisted of trying to tell a story and embody feelings in a collection of objects. The Still Life was done in three parts. The first part was the planning when the Middle School students decided the story they wanted to show through an arrangement of objects. The second part was the drawing, when they had to draw their picture, with the arrangement of objects using techniques learned in previous studies. Last but not least, the finishing touches. The last step of the Still Life was to add texture and finish the Still Life, using a technique learned in the class previous to the final stage of the Still Life.

As you can see in the pictures below, all the Still Life drawings embody the Middle School students’ ideas and the stories they wanted to tell. Enjoy the drawings!

Tomi Doff
Middle School Student
Casa di Mir Montessori

Title: Late Night Reading. Pencil Drawing.

Late Night Reading, November 1st, 2020. Pencil. This is a drawing of late-night reading. The candle is not the light source, but it is there to represent the dim lighting of the scene. The glasses are on the book after someone took them off to pause in the middle of reading and rest. The feel of the drawing is tiredness and quiet.


Title: School. Pencil and Paper Drawing.

School, 11/2/2020. Pencil & Paper. The goal of this piece, to put it simply, is to make the observer think that this piece is related to school. I think that it is fairly effective with that.


Title: Still Life Of a Desk. Pencil and Paper Drawing.

Still Life Of a Desk, 11/21/20. Pencil and paper. This is a drawing of pencil cups and a fake potted plant on my desk. (What I look at every day while I work.)


Title: Sad. Pencil Drawing.

Sad, 10/31. “XXXTENTACION – SAD!” This piece was created after listening to the song “Sad!” by former rapper xxxtentacion who was assassinated on June 18, 2018, in Deerfield Beach, FL.


Title: Late at Night. Pencil/Colored Pencil Drawing.

Late at Night, October 29, 2020. Pencil/Colored Pencil. I see my parents working late into the night, they sometimes have coffee or a glass of chai. This piece is meant to show how hard they work.


Title: The Joy of Music. Pencil Drawing.

The Joy of Music. Pencil, Paper. This piece is about my love for music. The violin represents music and the rainbow lighting represents my joy for it.


Title: People Look Different. Pencil Drawing.

People look different, Nov. 1. Pencil and paper. This is an expression of how racial injustice is unneeded and horrible.


Title: Stay Safe. Pencil/Colored Pencils Drawing.

Stay Safe, 11/2/2020. Pencils (regular and colored). This drawing represents the time we are in right now, with all the masks drawn, while also saying (on masks) to stay safe and (not on masks) also trying to communicate that we will get through the pandemic.

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