Excitement is building for the beginning of school! – Casa di Mir Montessori

Excitement is building for the beginning of school!

Community Update

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

We are in the midst of a heatwave, right at a time when excitement is building for the beginning of school! The teachers have been hard at work preparing the classrooms, both digitally and On-Site. They’re thrilled to see you on campus for our Get-To-Know-You-Week, and you should have (or will soon be receiving) a schedule for your window of visit during the week of Aug. 24th. We are working with a new system of email groups. Yesterday, we sent out the schedules for primary through upper elementary. If you did not receive this information via Wanda’s email, please email her to let her know at wwhitehead@casadimir.org. We want to get this new system in working order before we’re off to the races! 

Please know that our school’s Parent Calendar is updated, and available on our website. Check it out! For new families, certain sections of our website are password protected, and only available to our families. We will be adding to this during the year, as things come up. The calendar is one of those protected areas, so you’ll need the password: CasaM1rFamily@17!

Since March, we’ve prepared for the time when we’re able to return to On-Site instruction. Due to many of our classrooms starting in Distance Learning (K-8), we shifted some thinking. The individuals who chose to start their year with Distance Learning (when being On-Site was available), have been folded carefully into the Pods with some of their peers. That is why you may notice your student’s names associated with more people! There were several reasons for this, including our desire to include them with their friends and peers close in age, as well as to foster collaboration and connection between the Pods. When we near the ability to be back On-Site, we will reassess and make space for them to return to Distance Learning, as needed. Again, this reflects our efforts to provide appropriate connection and instruction, while balancing the need for flexibility with the changing circumstances.

Finally, we’d like to make sure you’ve received the packets of information this past week, as they’re filled with critical information. If you didn’t receive a large packet in the mail, which included the Community Care Agreement, etc., please contact Anne Nguyen at anguyen@casadimir.org. Thank you!

Please make sure to check out the Weekly Announcements on Monday for information and links for the Orientation Meetings next week.

Enjoy your weekend!Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

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