Just like dropping a pebble into a quiet pond, your gift in support of Casa di Mir Montessori School creates results that extend far beyond the imagination.

When you give to Casa di Mir Montessori School’s “Imagine the Ripple Effect” annual fund, you close the gap between tuition and operating costs. By doing this, you make a true Casa education possible for each and every student. Think of the ripple effect!

Which programs are possible only because of your gift? Just look: 

  • the purchase of classroom materials
  • technology upgrades
  • financial assistance for those in need
  • expenses associated with co-curricular activities (art, music, physical education, and foreign language)
  • field trips and on-site programs and performances for all grade levels
  • equipment facilities and maintenance
  • professional development for our teachers

Each family is asked to consider a gift of $1,000, though some will give more, others less, depending on their means. All gifts are received with gratitude.

And there are many easy ways to give!



Make your check payable to: Casa di Mir. Write “Annual Fund” as a note. Mail to: Casa di Mir Montessori School, 90 E. Latimer Ave., Campbell, CA 95008.


Credit Card
Just click the button below to pay by credit card.


Each leaf on the “Imagine the Ripple Effect” Tree in D40 represents a family who has made a financial commitment to the 2017-18 annual fund. As of 03/26/18, we have 102 leaves. The goal is to have at least 105. Thank you to those who have helped our tree flourish. Sprout your own leaf. Make your gift or pledge today!

Stocks or Annuities Gifts

Stock and annuity donations offer tax advantages to the giver. To make your gift, follow the instructions on this form. Or contact Development Director Diane Dunning.


Employer Match Programs

Employer match programs add thousands of dollars every year to Casa di Mir’s Annual Fund Drive. To see if your employer will match your donation to Casa, visit our Double the Donation page.


Make a Pledge!

Not ready to make a gift? Then make a pledge. A pledge is your commitment to give a specific sized financial gift by a certain date. And if you’ve given through your employer program, sending a pledge is a great way to notify us that your gift is on the way. Your pledge is added to the annual fund tally and participation rate. Email your pledge today!


2017-18 GOAL

THIS YEAR’S GOAL: $110,000 with 100% participation from all current families.

CURRENT TALLY: $131,729 in pledges and 89% participation rate as of 03/22/18. Thank you to all who have made a commitment! Help move both figures to even more amazing levels for Casa’s amazing students. Give today!


Q: If Casa reaches its financial goal, does the participation goal still matter?

A: Yes! A high participation rate brings in more funds for the school and is a demonstration of support for the community. Look at the 2016-17 annual report to see what was accomplished with dollars that went above and beyond goal last year with 90% participation. In addition, Casa applies for grant dollars to help with operational costs. Grant makers look at the annual fund participation rate as an indicator of the community’s support of Casa’s mission. A participation rate near or at 100% can help land a grant.


Casa di Mir is a 501c(3) non-profit school (tax ID 77-0280511). Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mother Teresa

Support Casa di Mir students. Donate today!