What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World


As we begin a new school year I am reminded what a wonderful opportunity we all have to experience such a beautiful community like Casa. I know I feel blessed to be able to stand in the parking lot each morning and greet all the smiling faces as they head into their classrooms.

This week I was fortunate to visit with the Casa Middle School at the Live Earth Farm in Watsonville, Ca. Our Casa students were amazing as always offering service through chores and getting to know each other in new ways.


As a way to bond as a class the Upper Elementary students, I played collaborative games of Campbell Community Center fields. I was fortunate to get to play the Winnie the Pooh song for the Primary students. They are an appreciative crowd.

The Casa staff continue to amaze me with how they love and respect the children. All of the people make the community a great place to learn.  I want thank Thomas Williams for all the work he does in collecting stories about Casa.


In closing, I share Playing for Change’s What a Wonderful World.






Dr. Jeff Beedy

Head of School