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NVC Workshop Inspires New Ways of Connecting at Home

Nonviolent Communication has been called a language of the heart, a transformational process, and an amazing tool for improving relationships. People who practice Non-Violent Communication (NVC) have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepening connection and conflict resolution. –Jean Morrision, NVC certified trainer.

In early November, Casa di Mir parent Morena Moda attended Casa di Mir’s first NVC workshop for the 2016-17 school year. Jean Morrision led the workshop. Through role play and discussion, Morena and about 20 other parents learned the foundations of NVC. This includes: listening objectively; identifying and expressing feelings, needs and values; as well as making requests.

The goal of NVC is to increase the connection and compassion between people, especially those in conflict. During the workshop, participants discussed the importance of removing judgement and criticism by moving to an objective position. This is essential to open the door for empathy, the heart of NVC.

“Non-Violent Communication is a cornerstone of Casa di Mir’s peace education philosophy,” says Wanda Whitehead, head of school. “For parents to attend workshops, study materials, embrace NVC at home and model it for their children is a gift for the children and our community.

“There is no greater magic wand in parenting than good listening and empathy,” she adds. “While learning NVC, words are important, but more important is intention to connect and to empathize.”

The workshop inspired Morena to research NVC further and use what she had learned at home.

“I am so grateful to Casa for opening the door to such a wonderful approach to communication,” she says. “I realize that this is not going to be an easy journey. It takes time to internalize the concepts and apply them to our everyday lives. However, it is a wonderful feeling to know that there is a way to create the connections I am so much in need of. I am amazed at what I am now able to hear when my boys speak!”

Morena’s research included these three videos featuring NVC Founder Marshall Rosenberg. We are grateful to her for sharing them with us so we can share them with you.

Assistant Head of School, Anne Nguyen, has practiced NVC for over a decade. “It’s a lifelong journey,” she explains. “You practice it every day and learn something new every day.”

Casa di Mir will continue hosting monthly NVC workshops. Watch for dates and times in the Monday newsletter, as well as posts on Casa di Mir Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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