A Parent’s Experience

My son has just finished up his first year (kindergarten) at Casa di Mir, and the experience has been everything we had hoped for.

If you are unfamiliar with the Montessori teaching method, you may think Montessori is just for pre-schools through kindergarten, or 1st grade, because many of them are just that. However, the Montessori teaching method is applicable to all grades up to and through high school.

The reason there aren’t many that go beyond kinder or 1st grade is because the teachers are required to be credentialed at each of the upper grade level divisions, and that’s a very demanding requirement that not many teachers in this valley have. Casa Di Mir is one of the very few “great exceptions.” All teachers are fully qualified Montessori teachers credentialed to the grade levels they teach.

“…you simply cannot pick a better school in the South Bay Area…”

And the school offers pre-K through 8th grade! This makes for a seamless transition from elementary to middle school without having to change schools at this particularly awkward time for children.

Apart from this, Casa Di Mir is run by a fabulous director who has poured her heart and soul into this school. She, along with the talented staff members, keep the children fully engaged with a never-ending list of activities and events that make this school much more than special.

If you are looking for a great environment for your child, with small classes, super-low student to teacher ratio, highly qualified and credentialed teachers, and a proven hands-on, project-based teaching methodology, you simply cannot pick a better school in the South Bay Area (in my humble opinion).

–Paul, current Casa di Mir parent