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The joy of being back in school with your children!

Community Update

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

I would like to share the joy of being back in school with your children!  As you know, most of our classes are operating as Distance Learning programs, and it has been a treat to pop in and out of virtual lessons. The creativity and initiative of our faculty are evident – not to mention the incredibly adaptive skill sets of our teachers!  With so many highlights to point to, it is hard to focus on one… Consider 1) Pod Parents who are paving the way to connect and build small social bubbles of community and trust, 2) children who are gracefully navigating their first-ever remote beginning of school, 3) the commitment of parents in helping their children get into the groove of online learning, and 4) the unintended benefits from this moment.  Yes, there are silver linings in this unique and challenging situation!  For example, I’ve heard more families are enjoying whole family dinners much more regularly, and also how some children are already finding new ways to be independent – surprising both parents and teachers!

Without question, a key highlight for many of us at school is to have children back on campus.  Currently, we have two Pods, both Primary, who have the run of the land on Lower Campus.  There are large windows of time here, where students are zooming – not on a computer, but on their trikes and all over the playground.  Each morning the students are completing health screening from home (using a phone app), and upon arrival, our team greets, takes temperatures, and walks these eager young folks to their classrooms.  Part of our morning routine often also includes getting to meet their new favorite stuffed animals, telling quick stories, and learning about what breakfast was just eaten.

Throughout the day, our faculty and these students are pioneering our return to campus, and it is lovely to witness.  What once felt so distant, is now right here in front of us.  Children are learning together in person and practicing what it’s like to maintain physical distancing.  Children are accessing our beautiful environments, utilizing precise materials, and our cleaning and sanitizing protocols are being executed and followed.  All people are wearing masks when required, and it has appropriately become the norm.  This morning I was fortunate to sit in on a birthday circle for a young Primary student, and the parents zoomed in while their daughter ‘walked around the sun’ in celebration of her birthday.  It was a lovely stamp of approval of this moment.  While changes have occurred and systems reflect the needed changes, time ticks onward, and children still want to grow up – no matter what the world presents.  The child went back and forth from smiling widely, to looking down at her hands as she rolled the small globe around in her lap.

With a flicker of excitement, I’m happy to encourage you to project into October.  As has been communicated, we are hoping to be on-site for the elementary Pods within the month of October.  Our county’s numbers are improving, and our school has pushed forward on work for a waiver that may allow us to reopen our campuses.  We have been working with our liaison to make this happen, and are continuing our plans to shift into our Modified Programs.  On our Parent Calendar, you’ll see that we will hold a meeting on Oct. 1st, to communicate what our next steps can be.  The most up-to-date Reopening Plan is posted here for you to read through for more details.

May your air be clean and the temperature just right for your family to enjoy the weekend!

Take care,

Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

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