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Tracking Media Stories and Data Points

Community Update

media stories and tracking points

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

While I’m not of the generation that is made up of ‘digital natives,’ I have grown (slowly) accustomed to internet technologies over the years, as well as the gifts and challenges that arise from them. Early on in this period of COVID19, I read an article which highlighted the challenge of not just dealing with a pandemic, but the simultaneous grappling of what the author called an “infodemic.” By no means am I suggesting that the challenges of lightning-fast information outweigh the strengths and superhero capabilities it can provide. However, at this moment, we’re experiencing a deluge of information and receiving such data at a dizzying speed, it can be nearly paralyzing for many.

You’re likely reading stories about various school districts, either about them starting the year on-line or starting the year nearly as normal. Mixed in with this media recipe are reports from politicians, county officials, unions, and even social media and entertainment-influencers. As an Administration Team at Casa di Mir Montessori, we’re tracking these stories and data points, too, and we can empathize with your desire to manage all of this input, as well. This is no easy time for synthesizing information.

Later this week, we will send out our class lists (Pods) and will be focusing Wednesday’s Community Check-In to share about our Distance Learning details. We absolutely still anticipate opening as has been communicated, with Pods and new protocols (distancing, hygiene, etc.). Yet, we also are prepared to shift into Distance Learning, if the need arises. As usual, please send any questions you may have regarding this topic of Distance Learning, and we’ll aim to address them at the Check-In.

Take care,
Tyler Bourcier
Head of School
Casa di Mir Montessori

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