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Working Together to Find Success and Balance

Dear Casa di Mir Families,

With the burst of heat and wildflowers, I hope you feel an injection of hope and optimism.  As we continue the journey working together to find success and balance in your child’s Continuation of Learning plans, I wish to stress our collective power to adapt.  As a species over the millenia, we spread out across the globe, and we have survived countless disasters and challenges.  Of course, this fact doesn’t necessarily make this particular moment any easier when our children may be struggling with Zoom mute buttons or pushing back on your request for them to clean up their make-shift bedroom cubby!  However, reminding ourselves that we will get through this together can definitely be one powerful vitamin.

The week prior to closing our campuses, our Middle School students were very vocal with their concerns about how our school will handle the seriousness of COVID-19.  After their elective class one day, they essentially cornered me in the MP Room and asked really difficult questions about our school’s official stances.  Remember, this was prior to local schools being closed, and states had not given official clarity on what was best.  I was thrilled that our MS students were engaged in the debate, and that they didn’t hesitate to ask tough questions to the Head of School.  As you’re aware, new questions keep coming, our circumstances keep shifting, and so we adapt.

We are in the midst of formalizing plans for the future.  We have pathways through the immediate crisis for this year, and are finalizing what graduation will look like in June.  We are coordinating with our teachers and health officials to prepare for what is possible for our summer programs.  All the while, we are using our shared values, strengths and unique characteristics as the foundation for building incredible possibilities for the upcoming school year.

As we hear about various states opening up, with varying degrees of ‘business as usual,’ schools have a special role and challenge.  As an institution, Casa di Mir Montessori is in a sound place, making plans before they’re needed, and ready to keep our programs and community together.  We will absolutely keep you informed with decisions and schedules as soon as they are set for the upcoming months.

As always, I have gratitude for the teachers, staff, parents, and extended family who engage in this work with children.  Many lessons learned from this experience will likely come from our youngest watching our responses to this challenge, and I’m thrilled to see such positivity and resiliency.

Thank you!

Tyler Bourcier Head of School

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