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Casa di Mir Founding Philosophies

“Adults are guides and models for the new generation.”

Established nearly three decades ago, these essential concepts continue to beautifully serve Casa di Mir students, the school and our community.

Casa’s Founding Philosophies:

  • Education flourishes when children love to learn and feel connected to their community.
  • A child’s journey is the search for their meaningful place in the world.
  • The whole of the world can be positively impacted by well-rounded, informed, mature individuals. This development begins early in life, in the home and in the classroom.
  • The hard work of peace and conflict resolution begins in the initial communications and experiences of the child.
  • Mindfulness, focus and concentration are the bedrocks of success in life.
  • Adults are guides and models for the new generation. We must do this well.
  • Critical thinking, responsibility, compassion, and independence are the gifts of a strong education and will guide a child through to adulthood.

A big thank you goes out to board president Jen Jobart for capturing these. They are also featured in the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, “Nurturing Our Growth, Strengthening Our Roots” issued early this school year.

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